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This light can be used as wall light or as step light. It provides indirect lighting from the top side of the square which contains the led.This technique provides a very special and nice effect lighting. This luminaire can be installed on any surface with almost any finishing. Available with several housing colors and can be customized to any color. Its classic design with sharp lines makes it very suitable for projects which has a formal aspect for it.: Educational, governmental, cultural. Anyway since its shape is classic and neutral, that makes it suitable for almost any space and any application. Can be used for lighting elevations balconies, and stairs. BAY is a very unique luminaire. Not only regarding design but it has the quality and the durability as well.

Family Technical Data

Model Power CCT CRI IP Beam Angle Controls and Dimming Luminous flux Color


Exterior walls , Columns, Pillars, Elevations, Stairs, Ramps