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Eclipse is a very unique and nice looking wall light it provides a very nice and indirect reflected light .as it emits light from its backside into the surface it's mounted on. Its simple and classic circular design adds a very classy look to your outdoor surface or elevation. It can be installed on any wall finish. Available with different light colors and housing color can be customized as well, basic color is Dark grey, but other colors can be applied according to costumers desires .This light is the right choice when it comes to wall lights with indirect light and can be used for almost any application .
Lamp can be used for lighting elevations ,sides of outdoor stairs and facades. Need to mention that light can be installed on ceiling as well.

Family Technical Data

Model Power CCT CRI IP Beam Angle Controls and Dimming Luminous flux Color


entrances, Exterior walls , Columns, Pillars, Outdoor spaces, Elevations