We are all in need for the right, proper and suitable lighting for our homes and workplaces, choosing the right kind of lighting relates not only to brightness and efficiency of the light, but there is an important aspect that plays a significant role to choose the right light for your space.

Light distribution or to be specific is the beam angle, the light`s feature we need to think about and consider while choosing light`s atmosphere for our places, since the beam angle of a light device is the angle at which the light is distributed or emitted

What are the Types of lighting Beam angle ?

 LED lights have a wide range of angles start from 1° to 120°, according to the:

  •  atmosphere you want to go with
  •  the light device
  •  light application required
  •  diffuser material and lens options

Beam angle distribution

Beam types

Here are the most known beam angles recognized, while these spreads vary slightly according to manufacturing:

  • Spot beam (SP)- narrow beam: 5-19 degrees
  •  Flood beam (FL) medium beam: 20-35 degrees
  •  Wide flood beam (WFL): 36-49 degrees
  • Very wide flood (VWFL): 50-120 degrees or more

Beam angle distribution

How to Select the Right beam angle of lighting device?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re selecting a beam angle:

  1. The number and distribution of light fixtures

When selecting beam angle, it’s important to note how many different fixtures you have to work with, and the distance between these light sources.

      2. Ceiling or fixture`s height

High ceilings require narrower beam angle. A wider beam angle is not as intense as a narrow beam and the beam will not reach down as far, but the light will spread out farther.

     3. Your desired ambience

Whether you need to create general lighting or you’d prefer task or accent lighting.

    4. The space you need to illuminate

Starting from small rooms at home, to your work place, your factory and your neighborhood.

Beam angle distribution

How to choose the right beam angle according to your space?

This table shows some of the different ways of beam angles that can be used in residential and commercial use:

Beam Angle Type Residential Commercial Recommendation
Spot Accent light effect - to create a focal point, drawing attention to a piece of artwork, family photo or trophy To emphasize or highlight artwork, displays, architectural features, jewelry stores. Dita
Flood beam General lighting for living rooms and common areas To get the general light effect in multi-used spaces Novo
Wide flood beam General lighting for indoor and outdoor Task light effect – office spaces  Stella - Kenan
Very wide flood beam Illuminate area without creating focal point- lobby –living rooms Warehouse - distribution center – street light Doria - Atheer